Who are they?

For some time now, our name disco bus, our brand busdiscotheque.com has been usurped, bypassed and diverted by all competitors without exception. This creates a certain confusion in the minds of those who discover our concept and our society. Also, to be completely transparent, we have put this page online so that everyone understands all the elements and that everyone makes their choice with full knowledge of the facts.

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Managed by Kader Boudour, employee for more than 20 years at Véolia (formerly TVO Argenteuil) as urban bus driver and union delegate within this structure for more than 10 years. It has a 12-meter single bus identical to the exterior of our single buses. With this difference that he sells his bus more expensive ( compare here ) than us and that he rents it until to 60 people, when we rent the same bus for 30 people maximum.
It is he who drives his vehicle, his wife provides service at the bar, for the prestige and luxury side as displayed on his site, ask him where he got this experience while in his whole life he has been that driver.

Party bus is managed by Morad and Soirée Bus is managed by his wife Linda.

Party Bus has a 12 meter single bus valid for 20 people sold for 30 people.
Evening bus has a single 12 meter bus (valid for 30 people) sold up to 45 people,

That’s the idea that they have comfort.

They sell their services much, much, much, more expensive than us with much, much, much less service than we do. (Paying display, pay TV, not allowed to consume while driving, Wc not accessible while driving, etc.)

For the high-end, luxury and prestige side, you will also need to go there again, husband Morad, a former line driver, provides driving service and wife Linda service at the bar.

They claim to have more luxurious vehicles than we do, first they only have one then it is the same vehicle that has been in operation for over 10 years.

When Party Bus and Soirée Bus rented the bus buses .com.

During 3 years Party bus and Evening bus rented buses from us frequently with our complete formulas (Driver, DJ, Agent, Server, Caterer etc…).


Finally, when it comes to the Google reviews on the internet that they referenced on our brand of busdiscotheque, everything is wrong, you will all understand.

You can check it easily, with the reviews of Heather Martinez, Burn Lois, Tilda Swinton on Evening Bus among others.

What is the probability that these people, including one person living in Australia and two others in the Usa, go through the same bakery in Holland, see the same warning light in France order electrical parts from the same supplier in the USA and spend an evening on the bus ??
Heather Martinez, who lives in the USA, goes through the same bakery as Burn Lois in Holland.

She orders pieces from San Diego Cpa, like Tilda Swinton, who goes to Nav Audio in the Netherlands and Ft Wayne Electric in the USA like Heater Martinez etc ...

All these people who live in the four corners of the world spend an evening on the bus ????

In addition, all the testimonies begin with "I wanted to thank you, I want to thank etc ..."

For Party Bus reviews we let you look in detail.

These are mostly false notices posted by relatives of Morad and Linda.

And when it is a negative opinion, of course it is not one of their client.

We finish with the opinion of Reman Max , this one this is really magic.

Originally it was a complete novel that flattered the services of Party bus and its manager Morad which was exceptional.

This magic notice disappears from the screens 48H00 after being posted.

The owner's answer is still online ????

This same opinion ( see screenshot ) deleted since, you find it word for word on Avis- verified posted by a certain Iteb ?? ??

Reman becomes Iteb ???

The magic notice is deleted from Google ... to reappear on Verified Reviews :) :):) :)

The opinions are therefore all false and it is shameful that they have fun posting negative opinions about us believing that these are our social networks.

Managed by Ange, the team photo you have online n 'is more topical, they all left the ship 4 years ago. For the vehicle and the services, no need to go further, you are left to discover the photos and in doubt to go visit it. We pass you by whenever they called to hire them a bus when theirs was down

To sum up

You will all understand, with disco bus you have at your disposal a real team which works for the perfect progress of your event, a team made up of 25 drivers, 17 Dj, 15 hostesses and bar man and a commercial service which has more than 20 years of experience in organizing events and weddings.
With busdiscotheque we put at your disposal 11 vehicles from which you can choose according to your tastes, we guarantee you a replacement vehicle at most 45 min after the call of the teams in case of technical or mechanical concerns, we guarantee you the best value for money price, we guarantee you the best.

Now that you know who is who, who sells what we let you discover in detail.